Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Musings: I remember ……

Today is September 11 and it carriers so much memories for me and many people. I debated if I should post this but I felt compelled to. I don’t talk about it much but I work close to the World Trade Center and was there that day. Here is what I remember.

I remember already being at work that day and a loud sound.
I remember calling my Mom on the phone and hearing those words the World Trade had been hit. Then silence as the phones went out and we could not speak.
I remember not knowing what was going on and then the fear racing through us all.
I remember going to the lobby of my office building and seeing people coming in blanketed in ash and anguish in their eyes.
I remember the indecision if I should leave or stay at my office.
I remember deciding to leave and that first step outside which brought the taste of ash to my tongue and horror in my mind.
I remember my first step in ash too deep to even leave footprints.
I remember going around the office building and seeing those lone shoes and briefcase sitting there discarded.
I remember meeting a tourist who did not know which way to run.
I remember a terrible sound then a cloud of smoke rushing at us.
I remember running, running and finding strength I did not know I could ever have.
I remember the rumors that the Pentagon was gone and the White House was no more.
I remember that first breath of air free of ash.
I remember the cup of water pushed into my hand by someone trying to help anyway they could.
I remember the droves of people walking without shoes, clothing, and no idea of how we would get home. No knowledge of what had really happened.
I remember the hours after struggling walking, running and finally able to catch public transportation.
I remember the bus ride done in anguished silence.
I remember walking up the block to my house.
I remember the door opening and my mom there to catch me as I collapsed crying and happy to be alive.
I remember the seconds. minutes, hour and days after still not believing that it was real.
I remember the TV images of people pulling together to help then I remembered once again the cup of water that kept me going and I cried more tears.
I remember going back to work that first day after everything. The guns, fear and uncertainty on each corner.
I remember to pray for those found but forever gone.
I remember to pray for those lost and never found.
I remember the hope and perseverance of a city that had lost so much and world never forget.
I remember to thank god each and everyday that I made it out of alive.

Today is September 11 and I remember.


Robin L. Rotham said...

This is so incredibly moving, Taige -- thank you for sharing your memories. Remembering that day is hard enough for those of us who were far away, who didn't personally know anyone that died in the attacks. I can't imagine what it must be like to look back on it having lived it.

Bronwyn Green said...


I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face. I can't imagine going through the horrr you experienced. Thank you for sharing your memories with us. This sounds inadaquate, but I'm thankful you're here.

Mechele Armstrong said...

So beautiful and haunting. Thank you for posting this memory.

Marianne LaCroix said...

Incredibly touching. Even though I live 100s of miles a way, I still feel the pain of that day. I am glad you are here now to share this with us.


Taige Crenshaw said...

Thanks Robin, Brownyn, Mechele and Marianne for coming by and your thoughts.

Sorry it took so long to respond.I had problem getting into blogger.

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